Do you still believe that you know how many passengers your buses carry?

Visual Intelligence People Counter will help you to stop loosing your money

About us

The problem of passenger counting in the public transport business has always existed.

With the development of computer technologies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, modern technologies have become accessible for real-life applications.

Thus, since 2018, we have been working on creating a solution that, thanks to the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, efficiently solves the problem of passenger counting.

Finally, owners and managers of public transport enterprises now have the ability to receive truly accurate and real infomration about the passanger flow, supported by video evidence.


Visual Intelligence People Counter

this is a comprehensive solution based on artificial intelligence,

computer vision, and video analytics, which will provide you with:

Information about passenger flow in real-time with an accuracy of 95%.

Video archive confirming the analytical data from the passenger counter.

Data on the number of passengers transported between stops.

Analytics of passenger flow over time and between stops throughout the day, week, and month.

Report on passenger flow for the selected time, chosen buses, and routes.

Transport load schedule.

GPS tracking of the transport

Reports on mileage, stops, and movement speed.

Financial report based on passenger flow data and specified financial indicators.

A unique solution for accounting passengers and revenue generated from intercity and urban bus transportation.


Methods of applications

Public buses

Inter-city transport


Public catering establishments


Example of passenger counting

in public transport

Video 4

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3


Our offer


Rent on 1 door

30 / mon
50 deposit
  • Rent of the equipment on 1 door
  • Deposit for the equipment

Rent on 2 doors

55 / mon
100 deposit
  • Rent of the equipment on 2 doors
  • Deposit for the equipment

Buy on 1 door

13 / mon
300 equipment
  • Buy equipment on 1 door
  • Monthly service fee for 1 door

Buy on 2 doors

23 / mon
550 equipment
  • Buy equipment on 2 doors
  • Monthly service fee for 2 door


  • During the rental, you have the option to purchase the VIP Counter equipment at any time by paying the remaining cost of the passenger video counter, either €250 or €450, in a one-time payment.
  • You will be able to continue using the VIP Counter web service with the montly fee of €13.
  • If the VIP Counter service is no longer used, you will need to return the equipment and receive the deposit back, which is equal to either €50 or €100, depending on the tariff.
  • Equipment installation in Ukraine: Installation of the VIP Counter passenger counter on one door of a single vehicle costs €40.


Frequently asked questions

Inside the bus, the passenger counter with a video camera is mounted on the ceiling above the doors, it is connected to a door opening sensor, GPS sensor, and the bus's onboard power supply.

The warranty for the equipment is 24 months, provided that the technical operating conditions are met. The equipment's operational lifespan is not less than 7 years.

The accuracy of counting is 95-98%.

The system will continue recording videos, and when the internet is available, they will be uploaded to the server, processed, and made accessible in the web application.

The video counter records a video every time the door is opened. Then the video and GPS data are transferred to the server via a 4G modem. The server processes the received videos and writes the results of the calculations to the database, which become available on web pages in the user's private account.

Yes, we provide an opportunity to test all features of the passenger counting system for free for 14 days.

The fare between stops is entered into the system, the counter counts how many people entered, exited, and how many remained on the bus. Based on the GPS data, the system calculates how many people were on the bus at each interval of the route, taking into account the cost of travel between stops, the system calculates the revenue to be received by the carrier.

If the mobile Internet is working properly, then after 2-3 minutes the data will be available in the web application.

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